Keyboard&Mouse FAQ

Mouse does not work?
1. Is the device turned on;
2. Check that the receiver has been plugged into the host computer's USB port;
3. does not recognize the receiver, re-plug the receiver;
The battery is installed backwards;
5. The need to replace the battery;
6. Check the wireless interference exists around;
7. Keep no big obstacle within communication range;
8. can not solve, the user login www.rapoo.com download Arima products for re-yard yard drive.

With the mouse cursor does not move?
1. Use the mouse pad;
2. Move the mouse in the white paper, in order to determine whether the cursor is used because of the special surface caused problems not move.
Cursor is jittery?
1. Have the user detects ambient interference with other wireless devices;
2. Please check the bottom of the lens aperture for dirt;
3. Check whether the lower cover uneven phenomenon and mouse pad, replace the other mouse pad.

After each use wireless products, whether or not need to unplug the receiver, turn off the switch?
Arima products are designed to automatically power-saving mode. User over a period of time not to use, it will automatically enter power-saving state. So when not in use without closing the switch.

Pairing method
Re-inserted into the receiver in the 30s, simultaneously press and hold the left mouse button to boot.

Wireless products will appear in the use of short-term non-functional?
1. away from other wireless devices around or turn it off, to prevent interference;
2. Effect of the operating system; the computer is running when the program takes up too much computer resources, resulting in CPU can not process the data;
3. Check the battery is low, low power indicator flashing, replace the battery.

Wireless mouse when you need a new battery?
Most wireless mouse has a low power indicator, low battery indicator light starts blinking to remind battery replacement.

Bluetooth FAQ

Bluetooth keyboard pairing method?
1. Turn on the power switch, the red indicator light after a long three seconds off;
2. Press the button on the code, the red light is flashing, the keyboard is connected to the state of the code;
3. Operation Tablet PC, follow the prompts to complete the decoding process.
1. The first time, the need to press the button to the code of the code connection; turn the keyboard again will automatically connect with the tablet.
2. code valid for two minutes, if no connection with the Tablet PC in the meantime, the keyboard will automatically exit the code states.

Bluetooth connection is not on?
1. Bluetooth device power switch is turned on
2. When the connection fails code key;
3. The mouse battery is low;
4. Bluetooth driver is not installed;
5. Bluetooth driver version is too low;
6. Operating system problems;
7. yards timeout, remove the device re-pair again.

Headset / headphone volume is adjusted to the maximum, but the sound is still too small?
Adjust system output volume to the appropriate location. Note: Due to sound too easily lead to hearing loss, please adjust to the proper volume.

Headset volume can not be muted?
The player can adjust the volume to a minimum. Note: No muting function is part of the audio equipment to adjust the volume can not be adjusted to a minimum.

Close staccato sound?
1. Keep no major obstructions within communication range;
2. away from other wireless devices around or turn it off, to prevent interference.

Bluetooth terminal device can not connect to a Bluetooth headset
1. Make sure that the Bluetooth headset is fully charged;
2. Operation headset into pairing state: In the off state, press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds, until the green indicator light flashes;
3. By operating the Bluetooth terminal device enters the search state, connect the headset;
4. If you still can not connect, please read the Bluetooth terminal equipment supplied instructions and product specification;
5. If the notebook, PC and other Bluetooth devices Bluetooth devices do not provide application software or drivers, it is recommended to download a professional Bluetooth Driver,

Once connected there is no sound?
1. Set the headset as the default audio device;
2. Re-open the media player;
3. The transmitter is connected to the other USB port on your computer;
4. The part of the notebook Bluetooth driver needs to be installed professional recommendations refer to the PC or laptop to the operating instructions; or download professional Bluetooth Driver thousand months (BlueSoleil)